The missing piece to your coaching business success. You’ve spent oodles and oodles of $$$ all over the place, yet didn’t complete most of it. You’re stuck at home trying to do it all on your own.

Well it’s time to get ACCOUNTABLE, and finally surround yourself with a close knit team of high vibe movers and shakers just like you. That’s where you’ll find your Brilliance! Take a peep inside and enrol in The Brilliance Realm here:

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“Hi, It’s Vanessa Talbot here. I’d thought I’d pop in to talk about what I see is the missing piece in many people’s coaching & change making businesses, and what I’ve created to solve that problem, that missing piece.

The Brilliance Realm is a brand new space I’ve made for coaches and change makers and the reason I’ve come up with this space is because many MANY coaches are struggling at home trying to do it on their own, and their spending hundreds and thousands on products ONLY to do them on their own at home.

There’s not a lot of accountability, not a lot of support with a lot of the programs. The programs are a bit of this and a bit of that, so you end up spending a lot of money to get all you need, and also have to go to a lot of different places.

It’s a long hard journey for the coach, and I get emails, messages from coaches daily saying “I’ve spent all my money. I’m running out of money. If I don’t make this business work, I’ll have to go back to the job that I hate.”

A lot have spent all that money on mentors and programs.

So what’s The Brilliance Realm and why did I come up with it?

I’ve come up with The Brilliance Realm to make a beautiful one stop Universe for Coaches & Change Makers.
It’s not for every coach and change maker. Those that are primarily internet marketers, it’s not the place for you.

It’s a place for coaches who have a big message for the world. Who want to do life transforming work. Who want personal abundance and be able to thrive both personally and professionally in their coaching businesses.

It’s a place for coaches who don’t want to hide behind a logo. You want to get out, be seen and heard. You want to get known. To be a public figure in your field because the more known you are the more lives you can change.

The Brilliance Realm is not an online program.
It’s not a membership site.

It’s an online space where you get monthly access – or Lifetime Access if you grab the Launch Special. That monthly access gives you live Q & A calls with guidance from me as your coach and mentor about building your coaching business and getting known. About the confidence and mindset you need to develop, the authority you need to develop to draw the clients to you.

The Brilliance Realm is also going to have weekly training calls and there’s all sorts of specific areas we’ll look at that you’ll need for building your coaching business.

You can come in at any time but of course right now is the perfect time to join as we do have those LAUNCH SPECIALS which will NOT BE REPEATED. There are ONLY 10 Lifetime Access available and some have already gone, so if you want one, grab it as you’ll ’ever have to pay again. And you’re in The Brilliance Realm with me.

It’s a highly supportive community we’re building. You’ll be in there with other people the same as you. Other people to light up the world, light up themselves, light up their businesses all at the same time.

That’s one of the things I like to have. A real inspirational community around You.

There will be ACCOUNTABILITY. There will be a lot of accountability. We won’t just train you. We’ll make sure that the trainings you feel are right for you and you want to attend (which is the beauty of The Brilliance Realm. You can show up for what you want when you want. If you can’t show up live there will always be the replays for you to view at anytime) – you’ll be accountable the whole time. You’ll be checking in with me and the other coaches every week.

Another great thing is we’ll be bringing in high profile experts as well that will come in to train and share their expertise with you. I don’t know everything and don’t pretend to know everything. I’m really good with how to get known, but not sales funnels, or how to get published. So all those different areas you might need to know to put the pieces together for your coaching business, we’ll have live training calls and places where you can connect with the experts, and get all that information.

That’s what The Brilliance Realm is.

Another question I get a lot – Is it US dollars?
No It’s Aussie dollars so a good deal if you are in the US.

That is the Brilliance Realm.
Not an online program.
Not technically a membership site.
It’s the Brilliance REALM. An online space where we all get together each week. It’s quite Unique.

The aim is for you to go from the level you’re at with your coaching business now, to the very next level. For example if you’re earning 5k a month or less, you’re next level might be 10k months. So that’s what we’ll concentrate on for you.

It’s very much about you knowing what you want and need for your coaching business next, and then we give you the tools, techniques, the trainings, while you’re choosing which are right for you. Also having the support of all the other movers and shakers.

These are high vibe people coming in to this. So if you want to surround yourself with high vibe people it’s the place to be  The higher the vibe, we all know the more likely we are to continue doing what it is we need to do to achieve what we desire with our coaching business.

Take advantage of the LAUNCH SPECIALS.
Have a peep inside The Brilliance Realm and enrol here: “