Don’t want to look like a newbie coach? Here are 4 actions that will help you look more established than you actually are.
Why is this important?
Because most looking for a coach to invest in, are looking for credibility.
1) Look the part by Getting Branded
It’s not about a logo. Or a business card or letterhead. Or spending a stack on expensive branding.
It’s about an all over LOOK that says ‘this is me’.
Make sure your overall social media platforms have a uniformed look that people can easily identify as You. That includes even your personal Facebook page.
Have a short sharp introduction that tells exactly what you’re about and what benefit you are to your ideal clients.
And get a decent photo. You don’t have to go and pay a fortune for a professional photo shoot. Your IPhone can take some amazing selfies if you know how to keep your arms and hands out of the way and make it not look like a selfie.
I can often tell a new coach because nothing has a collective look.
It’s a mish mash of this and that, with no use of FB banners or the intro sections on social media. Pretty pictures of sunsets on your banner isn’t telling your potential market that you have something amazing for them and that they should get to know you.
So get your collective look sorted across all platforms.
2) Get a Pro looking Email isn’t going to make you look like you’re a well known coach. Neither is
Get your domain name, and create your email from that. I have It looks so much more professional than
3) Know what you’re selling and be able to say it confidently.
You’re not selling life coaching, No one really wants life coaching. You’re selling a solution or a desire.
You might be selling Moving on after divorce, or Leadership Confidence, or Doubling last year’s Business Profit, or the Hidden Super Power of Introversion, but you’re selling something people want. That’s what is packaged up in your coaching.
Every well known coach stands for something, and they stand confidently for that one thing.
It will set you apart from the generic life coaches which is often a sign in our industry of not quite having it together yet.
4) Get a team member (sooner rather than later).
Stop struggling to do it all your own. My best move was to get a Virtual Assistant to handle all the stuff I didn’t do well, BEFORE I thought my business could really afford it.
While my first VA worked on things like creating my first sales pages, and websites, maintenance of my memberships, and formatting my e-books and handouts, I was free to work on what I did best – coaching, connecting, bringing in clients.
So she freed me up TO MAKE CLIENTS AND MONEY.
So I was able to afford her after all.
If you want to be a name coach, you’ve got to act like a name coach.
There’s some ideas for you to move on. Which one will it be first?

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