I saw a question in another group, asking “How to get Clients in Facebook Groups?”


Just DM all the group members and use them as your list. HAHAHAAAA Just joking. Quickest way to get blocked and have that pool of your market removed from you.

If you are in a group and it’s got your target market in it, here is how to get known in the group, and attract clients, WITHOUT BREAKING GROUP RULES AND GETTING YOURSELF BLOCKED AND PISSING OFF GROUP MEMBERS WHO ARE COMPLETELY OVER BEING POUNCED ON WITH DM’S FROM RANDOMS THEY DON’T KNOW.

Here’s my response to the question and I hope you’ll find it helpful too.

As someone who has one of those groups of 19,000 people that are filled with other people’s target markets, and having in place the strict rules you mentioned for good reason, here’s what works for group members in attaining clients from my group with my blessing:

1. Be consistently active in your chosen group/s. The more you are seen, the more people will know and respond to you.

2. Post less. Comment more. That means, it looks self promotional when you are touting your own posts – it’s all about you. It’s way better to interact with others on theirs or in discussions created.

When you show interest you become interesting.

3. In commenting, you share your added value, tips, what ever fits in with the discussion.

4. You optimize your personal profile. That way, when you are interacting and commenting, as I am doing here with you, people will check out your profile. Use it to show what you do. The Banner is the best place to start. Go have a look at some pro coaches and see how they are doing it.

5. NEVER DM anyone in a group because they’ve interacted with you unless they specifically ask you to contact them. You want to get them to REACH OUT TO YOU, not the other way around. Many groups are banning members for DMing group members and the reason is simple – we get way to many complaints from group members sick of being pounced on for liking or commenting in a group.

How to get around this??

Well if you are interesting, if you appear valuable, if you have given help, those people will often friend you, or reach out to you.

You want to set up some of your interactions in a way that prompts people to reach out to you.
for example, check out Ashley Smith’s comment in this thread where he gave a method that prompted curiosity to ask more. (But in my group, my admins would have removed it as a pitch because he requested the DM. Better off to leave off the last two lines, and have the person respond that they’d like to learn more. Then a simple “”reach out and I’m happy to share with you” type response will do the trick.

It’s a bit of a skill to learn to do it successfully without pissing off group admins and having them remove your access to a great group of your target market, but when done well, you keep group owners happy as you are adding value and conversations to their group, making friends (and possible clients) of group members (because you’re active, helpful, consistent, and not pouncing on them with DM’s, yet your presence is enough that it will entice interested group members to check out your OPTIMISED profile, and reach out to you).

6. If a group has a get together, take part.
My group has a online meetup each week, and only a very small amount show up. But those that are showing up, are building relationships and BUYING from each other.

Why? Because they are dong the old Like Know and Trusting one another. They are also REFERRING one another for the same reason.
(While everyone else is coming in, choosing not to take part in the community and choosing instead in their hurry, that relationship building is too slow, and it’s easy to use groups as their “lists””, pouncing on group members with DM’s, getting blocked all over the place, and hoping that with enough hustle the numbers will take care of it. )

A good solid presence matters. The more people know your name and what you can do for them, the easier it gets.

In any group situation it’s important to be seen as giving more than taking.

Hope this helps.


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