Help! I’m a new coach. How do I get started?!


It’s a cry I see often in FB groups for life coaches.

Often the advice given in these groups which are often filled with other new life coaches all in the same boat, can be lightweight or misdirected. Or open slather for those wanting to send any new coach off on an expensive overwhelming trip down branding/website/funnel/digital marketing lane.So here’s what I usually reply to a BIG question like that

It’s simple yet more detailed than much of the advice you’ll be given.

1. Practice coaching with as many as possible so you get to know what you like dealing with.

2. From that practicing, define a problem you are great at working with, or an outcome you help people deliver for themselves. This is your One Thing. It’s what you’ll get known for.

3. Define the subset of people (your target market) that require that specific help you are good at working with. You’ll find your practicing will show you the type of people you like working with best, and the specific type of problems they need help with or the outcomes they desire. This links 1, 2 & 3 all together.

4. Create an offer for these people around your One Thing, That One Thing is the thing they want. This offer is what will have those people say “Hey I need that!” and get in touch with you. And you’ll sell your coaching to them, but you won’t sell ‘Life coaching” – you’ll sell that One Thing.

5. To put that offer in front of these people, you need to get in front of them or draw them to you, which means you need to know where they are. Are they offline, online? Where, and when? They you go play in those spaces, get to know them, make your offer.

And Boom! Follow that sequence and things will happen and it’s a start.

PS When I started out, I found a select group of people (writers) that had a problem (they wanted to write their books but didn’t want to do the selling and visibility that is required to create a platform so they COULD SELL their books).

I sent an email to around 250 of them after a seminar, with an OFFER that i had created on how I could help them with that visibility stuff, and POW! I got my very first 7 international paying clients into 6 session packages at just under $1000 each (10 years ago). That set me up and away I went.”

If you are a new coach and need help getting known and attracting clients then book a conversation about working with me.