Your positioning is what’s going to get you noticed in the coaching and influencer world.

But what does that mean – “positioning”?

Broken down briefly it’s the way you represent yourself in the industry and to your target market.

It EMCOMPASSES your core messaging (your one thing), your look (call it branding if you wish), your vibe (the atmosphere you project), and at a next level, your network (who you are hanging out with).

You ENHANCE your positioning in the ways you choose to consistently get known – speaking, writing a book, podcasting, the social media platforms you choose to be consistent on, media attention, building a large community, connecting and building relationships with other known well-positioned people, being interviewed and presented to others audiences, facebook ads, referrals.

You ELEVATE or DESTROY your positioning with the quality of your products and service, your client and customer service, by what your clients and customers are saying about you …… and finally if you are really what you are positioning yourself as (are you really what you are saying you are).

It’s become a thought that you can position yourself as anything you want with good messaging, branding and consistent visibility.
You can! And presence can be grown quickly from that.

But if the last bit, the quality of what you are delivering doesn’t match your positioning, then your business and presence will slide sourly.

In fact I recently saw an FB ad which was where this was very obvious.

If you like I will tell you about it in a live here in our Spotlight group.