If you’re in Australia, you’ll know the talk of the country the last few days is the highly controversial subject of Adam Goodes and racisim in football.

Now whatever your views are on this, if you do work in any field that enables you as an expert to comment on this issue, then send out those press releases NOW! Because at the moment the media is focused on the commentary of professionals in the sporting industry but very soon they will be looking for other expert commentary on this issue and it could be you!

As a Coach with a great knowledge of human behaviour, you may be able to comment on this issue from that perspective. It’s NOT an perspective that is currently being presented in this media debate, which at the moment, is very emotion fueled.

Here’s an example of how you can make a media focus work for you:

If you are a coach who works with anxiety and depression, celebrity suicides (as uncomfortable a they are as a news article) will unleash a flurry of news reports and discussions on TV and radio on suicide. It becomes media focus – think Robin Williams recent suicide. Your advice on dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts may just make the perfect commentary for a news article that looks at suicide. If you had a press release ready to go for when suicide become media focus, you could be the first person the media reach out to, giving your work and message an instant boost when you appear in the media as a credible source on dealing with depression and suicide.

You can do the same for parental advice during separation and divorce if that is your niche. Think of every time a tragic incident happens due to a bitter divorce or separation, and it becomes newsworthy. The subject of child custody, the mental state of both men and women during divorce all becomes focus. And if you have expert opinion on this that will be of help to a media outlets viewers, listeners or readers, you can be ready to give it.

Whatever your niche, there can be a potential media focus that you can take advantage of. No you are not taking advantage of the situation what ever it may be. Often the media focuses on things that are tragedies. Yet your expert opinion can be there to help and heal. And to give help to those people who find themselves in similar circumstances.

Draw up a template press release that is ready to go should your area of expertise suddenly become newsworthy.

The template will enable you to quickly make a few changes that will suit your press release to the exact news story that the media is placing focus on.

No idea how to do a press release?

Or how to craft your unique story angle so it’s newsworthy and ready to go?