I was interviewed a few days ago on what my Top Tips for New Entrepreneurs are. Since they were interested, I thought you might be too! Short and sweet, here’s my top tips whether you’re new as a coach, author or expert. If you’ve been around a while, you may like to check to make sure you have these points covered.

Top Tips for Entrepreneurs that will have you Standing out from the Crowd: 

  1. Have a Key Message. Be very clear on what you are providing, and who needs it!
  1. Know what’s Unique about You. There’s something special and unique about you. When you know what is it, make sure you use that to develop your Unique style that will have you standing out from all the beige. Take that unique personal style of yours into your branding. I saw an image of a established coach I’m aware of where he’s skateboarding in his business suit. It was so Free!! And so him. Makes him stand out from all the other suits.
  1. Take a stand ….  on something. What’s important to you?  Hopefully this forms part of your message. For me, I’m very against the coach industry standard practice of marketing free discovery calls.  Of course not everyone is with me on this one so I’ve had to get used to being disagreed with. That’s OK because those new coaches who have felt inauthentic with marketing free discovery calls get me! And they are the ones for me.

Take a stand. No fence sitting. This will get you noticed for your message and voice. Not everyone is going to like you. That’s OK. Trying to please everyone is doomed to failure.

  1. Be Seen Be Heard. Get visible. Build your profile so you ATTRACT rather than have to partake in pushy aggressive marketing. When people see you, hear you, and align with your message and vibe, they’ll come to you.
  1. Connect with Influencers. In your early days, not necessarily the HUGE names (though if you can lucky you!). Think those a few steps ahead of you that you have access to. These are the people whose projects you may be able to get involved with and in turn, they may give you some lift off by spreading the word about you.

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How about them? Can you begin to act on at least 3 this week? Send me a brief email and let me know what 3 you are going to be acting on, and I promise I’ll send you a personal email from me with one more EASY tip for you 🙂

It’s your time to shine!