I am sharing my friend Christian Marchegiani’s blog that got 56,000 shares from the website. It did the rounds amongst the fitness community from Australia to Ireland and beyond.

I got a few tips from Christian that will help you to gain a bigger audience from your blog posts. Here they are:

1. What was the trigger that got you so many shares?

What I did here was create an onslaught on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn all in one day. I found that my comment on the post had to be enticing to make people actually go into it and read it. It just snowballed from there and while people shared it from my Facebook page the actual shares came from my website – 56 thousand shares. The views on Facebook was 26 thousand but again the views on my website is 375 thousand. It just shows that a website is still powerful and credible.

2. What was it about this article do you feel that has caused it to attract so much attention, over some of your others?

People want someone to stand up and say what they are afraid to. You can’t swim with the tide and do what everyone else is doing. Not everyone will like it but you will definitely stand out.

3. Your page numbers seem to have increased a lot in the last week. I noticed they’ve jumped from hovering under 6000 for quite while and now it’s up by 800 or so now. Do you attribute this to the article share?

This is definitely due to the article as I have never bought likes or boosted my posts (waste of money in my opinion). Let it be organic but more importantly on my website right next to the article is a link to my Facebook page.

4. You said you got lots of positive comments but with a big amount of shares, how are you dealing with any of the expected negative ones?

If it is constructive criticism I will respond but if it is just hate then I don’t even bother.

5. Anything else you can add would be wonderful

Niche. Niche. Niche. and then stay true to who you are and your message. Be different but don’t be controversial for the sake of being controversial. Conviction and more conviction. And to be honest I have a brilliant editor in Melbourne who corrects a few things on my blog and changes the tone a bit.

What do you think everyone? Can you apply some of these tips to your blogging?