On social media there will always be someone to judge and criticise what you do.

I’ve seen many a good coach shrink back from the Spotlight because of the malignity of others – mostly strangers.

Here’s what to do if someone’s comments make you feel like shrinking back because of hurt, criticism, or feeling bullied.


Meet them head on.

This does NOT mean creating an online fight or argument.

It means stating what is true to you.

What they choose to see, or their views are not yours, or even those of everyone else. So dont take one comment as the word of all against you.

Never let the thoughts or misguided intentions of others take you away from yours.

This comment was on the instagram account of my 13 year old daughter this morning.

Such a judgemental and invalid remark from a stranger who has no clue of the circumstances.

My 13 year old was upset. I asked her what she wanted to say back.

It was things like “you’re a moron” 😂😂 which is often our first response right to judgy or rude aggressive comments!!

NEVER RESPOND with what you first think.

I helped her to reframe it to something more level headed that shows she OWNS what she does and who she is and will not shrink back from anyone.

Least not bush fires or hipster morons