One of my clients just sold her very first 5K package just recently. Actually, she gave me a message this morning,

The first thing I’d say to you as a coach is if you want to sell a 5K package is to stop doing the hourly sessions. So a little bit here at $97 or a little bit here and 150,  just let them by session. What will happen with that is a few sessions, those are side, they’re right and off.

They’ll go in most cases for coaches. So stop doing hourly sessions and bundle them all into different packages that they can buy at different level of prices and with inclusions as well. So I make this really interesting and of great benefit to your client as well that they actually have a journey with you rather than just sign up each time session by session.  The second thing is the level of your market, is 5k an easy buy or is it going to be a bit of a harder buy?

So what we did actually with this particular coach, she’s an amazing coach. Remember your ability to sell your service does not always come down to how good a coach you are. When I was doing my coach training many years ago and my trainer and mentor who ran the coach Institute said to me, there are absolutely brilliant, highly skilled coaches out there that can not sell their services. And yet there are other coaches out there who are not as skilled or as great with their coaching skills, that they don’t have the market and they know how to sell.

So that’s really important as well. It became obvious to me quite quickly that her particular market that she was focusing on was just not buying as much as they want her. They are really interested in her knowledge and that they just want looking at the money. So what I did was change the market. So think about that, is your market buying from you or not?

Perhaps there’s another one out there that’s more suited to you. So we did that. We changed the market, we shifted a bit, we changed the messaging and of course, the packages, then we made some alterations to them as well. So you might have to look at your market and see if it’s gonna work for the level of the process of the packages that you want to charge as well. This one’s a bit important as well. This next step is you need to have the lift that you can actually sell that package there. Just having it available isn’t going to do you any good if you think you’re going to be able to sell it. So not only do you believe have to believe that you are worth that package, but on the other end, they meeting your potential client have to believe in you enough to buy that 5k package.

If they’re not buying, it may be (A) that market don’t believe in spending that money or that you’re worth that money or (B) you just haven’t established your presence or your authority, your expertise, whatever it is that you want to call it enough for them to want to buy that 5k package from you. So this client particular struggled to think that she could actually sell a 5K package because she hadn’t sold them before. Her packages were at a lower right. So we did work on that. The belief and as I said, it’s not only your belief, it also is in presenting yourself in a way that your market, your potential clients are going to believe that 5K is going to be really well spent on you.

If you are on that discovery call. That’s not what I like to call them. But I know for most new coaches out there, that’s the term that you’ve been taught. So let’s just go with that. The discovery call, what a lot of new coaches do is they’ll just be really quick to present their potential client there with all the different options. So you can take this one, this one, this one, this one, this one or this. And then you just do your potential clients head in and they get confused. Not only are they getting confused also for most of you, your client will have come to you because they are in some sort of model or mess. All they need is extra help. So they are looking for you as guidance as the leader. And this is your first place to actually step up and show that you have that guidance for them before they’ve even bought your package.

So what you need to do is to listen to your client. You know, you’ve your potential client, you’ve sat there on a discovery call with them, you’ve got into their ins and their outs, what they need, where they’re at. You then need to lead them to the package that is right for them. So this particular 5k package that, I set up for this client and she’s just sold a vice versa, a package within a week of us putting it together and her presenting it. So I really amped up her prices and I’m not saying everyone go out in there, pop your prices. I’m not into that at all. I don’t believe that some coaches need to amp up your prices. Not all of you want to be or need to be a high ticket for example.

This one is the middle package. So what I teach is how to lead your client. Remember they are wanting, there’s a reason they’re, they’re reaching out to you in the first place and this is where you need to step up and show them that they can gain very easily everything that they want by you leading them to it straight away. Whether that’s confidence, whether that’s a new relationship, whatever it is, whether it’s a better business, this is your first step in showing them. So lead your client to the package that is appropriate or you feel is the perfect fit for them. Remember, you’ve just been listening to them 20 minutes, half an hour, however long you spend on those discovery calls. So that’s the main beat.

What you can do is if you have a higher package is take them to the higher package, especially if you know that they’re not going to go there at all and say this is what you’d be doing if you were working with me for example, six months, but I don’t feel that you actually need already for an entire six months yet. So what we can look at now is this one for this one you’ll be working with me for three months and this is the price. So you have would have shown them how much the six months, the six month one for example, it might be 10,000 for example, when you are showing this one, you can often see them taking breath in as well and then you show them here’s something and all of a sudden their mindset, their mind says I can still get her, I can still get this coach at this price as well.

So always be leading them to where you think it’s actually ideal for them. And whether that’s presenting them to options or helping them narrow down to the one which you think is perfect for them. But I said don’t ever present them with a million options at once. They’ll just get off the call. Totally confused. Give you the, I have to think about it. Remember, as I said, it’s about leading them to the one. So that’s how my client looked out and sold her first 5k package as well. You know, I remember selling my very first 11K package and I had jumped up my process considerably and I thought, I don’t know if I’m ever going to sell this 11K package. In some sense, it didn’t seem probable for me, but I thought I’m just going to have this platinum package up here at 11,000 for new coaches.

So it just takes confidence in you being able to lead your client to it. Even if you don’t think that she’s going to decline, is going to buy it, still take it. Because if they don’t buy it, of course, and they had the considerations, you can ask what their objections are, see if you can handle. If for some reason it’s obvious price, then give them the middle package and often they’ll jump in at that. So it comes down to at the end of the day, also confidence in actually being able to offer your 5k package as well. Don’t hold back. Don’t just send them a brochure of all your packages and ask them to pick. They’re never going to pick that 5k package. They’re going to pick one of your lower ones, get them on the call with you, listen to them if they are perfect and that’s the package that they really need.

Lead them to it. As I said, they are looking for you. This is your first step to be able to show them how you are able to, I don’t wanna use the word take charge. That’s not what we do as coaches, but you are able to lead them confidently to what you know is best for them. So I hope that helps everyone when thinking about selling your first 5K package.