I am sure you will be with me in the sense that you are extremely grateful for being shown the pathway to your vocation as coach. Helping others to in turn, choose their own True pathway, is a wonderful gift that we get to enjoy.

With all that gratitude for being able to help others to change their lives, businesses, relationships and many other things for the better, it also is true that running a successful coaching business is so often hard worked mixed with complete passion and love for your craft. And that passion, mixed with the hard work required to build a successful profile as a coach will also mean ….. spending less time with our loved ones.

Although having a large presence as a thought leader, a published book, a full coaching practice are attractive accomplishments, when you reach that stage, as satisfying as it is, still the most satisfying aspect of your life will be deep lasting connections with family and friends.

If we were to fast forward to the end of your life, it wont be the career accomplishments, the accolades, the size of your house and bank account that will matter. It will be the little things in life that will have made your life BIG! The laugh of your child, the touch of your beloved, the wag of your pet’s tail, the precious time spent with family and close friends. It will the people you love and who love you that will make your heart full.

Ahhhhhh…….bliss. So easy to forget when we are wrapped up in creating our success. Building our profiles. Attracting clients. Becoming a recognised identity in our chosen field. Perhaps you’re finding this already as you have started your coaching journey. Study, finding leads, turning them into clients, marketing, networking, all starts filling your time and occupying your thoughts. And when this happens, the very first to pay the price is our partner, children, friends and pets. We find ourselves saying “Not now. I have a (insert – client, lead, webinar, networking event, facebook post, emails to reply to , calls to respond to  …. )”

We make excuses to our loved ones that they are not the priority. Our coaching business is. (And because they love and support us, they’ll accept it …. for a while).

And in doing so, we lose our balance between meaningful connections with our loved ones, and our business success.

If this continues, your family will begin to place pressure on you and withdrawn their support of your dream. You may also begin to feel burn out as you give more and more of yourself to clients and less and less to you and your needs. In time, you may begin to feel resentful of the very one thing that once filled you with so much passion, and drive.

Before you get anywhere near that point, decide now what really counts as success for you at the end of a long and fulfilled life.

If you find you’re wavering off that track, then work on re-adjusting now ~ before it gets too late.

Here’s a few questions to take a few moments with:

– Who and what in your life matters most?

– What attention do they need from you?

– What do you need to change or do differently so you may give those that matter most to you the attention you deeply want to give them?

Here’s a three little personal tips from me that are changes I made and actions I took when building my coaching profile and business, that enabled me to spend more time with those I love outside of my coaching passion.

  • Hire an assistant for your business. Look at a Virtual Assistant to take care of your social media, and any other tasks you feel you would be best of delegating, freeing you up for more time with family and self care
  • Get a House Cleaner. Why spend weekends cleaning house when you could be doing FUN stuff with your partner, kids and friends instead??
  • Gather alliances in the industry. The right joint ventures with others of influence will help you boost your profile and grow your coaching business so much quicker.

Now it’s over to you. Let me know in the comments what’s one action you are going to take to give your love and attention to what matters most? 🙂