Want the help of others in getting more clients?

Then offer them an incentive. Set up a referral program where past and present clients, and your colleagues can get a reward for sending new clients your way.

As an example, for any of my Extraordinary Beings Personal and Professional Success services, and for the Step into the Spotlight programs, I offer a 10% commission on sign ups from referrals.

I bet it’s fair to say that you already are getting some of your clients by word of mouth. That’s because people trust word-of-mouth, especially when it comes from their own friends and colleagues. Yet while some of your clients and colleagues will refer others to you, many won’t. Only because it’s not at the top of their mind.

Imagine how much more word-of-mouth promotion you could generate if you had a referral system in place. Onewhere the people who already love you and your work, can receive a ‘reward’, ‘bonus’ ‘gift’ ‘bribe’ (choose your word) for recommending you to others.

I’ll also bet that referral opportunities are passing you daily because you are not noticing them, or not acting on them.

Here’s a few tips for gaining referrals from happy clients and respectful colleagues:

1. The easiest yet most often the hardest – ASK for Referrals.

Many of us have limiting feelings about asking for referrals. Remember the benefits your clients receive from working with you. These are the reasons they loved the value you gave them and how they would want others to receive the same.  Why? Because nobody wants to see others suffering. Whether personally or professionally. Help others to feel good about themselves when they refer your brilliance to halt the suffering of another.

Now that puts a new perspective on it doesn’t it? 🙂

Now when to ask for that referral, that is the question isn’t it??

How about when your client thanks you for a wonderful session, or a job well done.

Or your client or a colleague mentions a friend or associate who is going through a similar situation as themselves. The situation you are now solving for them.

What about when you know a friend, client or colleague mixes with a certain group that contains your ideal clients – maybe they belong to a large parenting group and your ideal clients are mum’s with a work at home business.

Asking is really keeping your ears open for the opportunities to ask!

2.  Decide who you want as referrals.

No point getting a whole heap of referrals for potential clients who are not your ideal clients!

Create the understanding in your happy clients and colleagues of who you love working with and what type of problems you solve. Of course in the most cases they are people just like them – your happy clients! When they get that it’s people just like them that you love to work with and who will gain the most by working with you, then referring just became sense to them.

3. Make the referral easy for your referees.

Take it out of the ‘too hard basket’ for your referrer and make it easy for them.

Many people are busy and life will often get in the way. So much that often the last thing even your happy client will be thinking about all the time is you. (As shocking as that news is) 🙂

Give them some of your business cards to pass on so they don’t need to remember contact details. (This makes it easy for the person they’re referring to you also, so that person doesn’t have to do a google search for your contact details.)

Email your clients and colleagues an email that can be forwarded to their friends and associates.

If you’re brave, when a name is mentioned of who they feel could benefit from your services, ask for the name and a phone or email so you can get in contact. (Remember, some people may object to this idea and that’s OK. Know your market).

4. What to do when the Referral  makes contact with you

Get excited!!!

It’s that easy.

Ok, maybe there is more.

Smile. Be professional, Show enthusiasm. Show Passion. Without acting like a 14 year old high from their first alcoholic drink. Make eye contact. Be confident. Let your Heart Speak. LISTEN.

And then Convert! that prospect into a new client!!


It’s your chance to learn what to say, and what to do when you get that first enquiry about your services. You can turn your prospects into paying clients without having to give yourself away for free.

A Bonus Tip:

  • Join professional referral networks where other professionals with complementary services to your own can help their own clients get more of what they need.

Your Referral System or Program may be a formal affiliate program, or a more informal set up where when a new sign up tells you who referred you to them, you gift that referee with either cash (such as my 10% commission), discounted services, free products or even a dinner out, a fruit basket, or movie tickets.

What is most important is that you nurture the relationships with those who refer you to others.

…If you already have a referral program, then please share what you have in place in the comments below.