One of the things that a good foundation and base for your business are that you can create consistent income as well without having to be constantly looking for new clients is creating loyal clients that keep on resigning with you. Most people think they’ll do the succession package and then the job is done. Then you have to scramble off and look for another client but it’s really good to have a portion of your clients as return clients. 

You’ll also find if you have these set of return clients, you’ll have greater money spend per client, which is a great way to bring in the income for you. You’ll get better referrals as well. So the more people that are satisfied with you and keep coming back, you get better referrals.

It also gives you credibility and reliability in a business, particularly in the online world.  It builds trust in you as well from those that are watching you. So I always say to coaches, who is going to have a portion of people who are sitting there watching you and they’re not quite ready to jump off the fence yet and contact you about working with you or taking out one of your products in that but when they see good, solid base of people that are talking about you in glowing terms, working with you for a longer period of time, that’s going to help set up that trust factor.

It’s going to help raise that trust factor as well. Trust factor building for those watching on greater referrals. So how do we do that? You’ve got to create a journey.

Create packages.

Many will often come in and they’ll sign in at you when you’re offering one-on-one packages. They’ll sign in at your low or medium package. I find that most people, if they’re buying package with me, will come in and I will go into the medium level package, which is a brand six grand with me.

That’s where you’re starting. A lot of you will just start with your packaging and make sure that each one is a next up level. Start with three. That’s probably the first and easiest way to allow clients to come in. Usually, they’ll come in and out of that bottom or medium package and then you want to create the next one out from that as a natural extension to what they’re getting in that first or second package where they come in.  I still want to be growing. I still want to be learning. So put that into action first up and go look at your packages today.


Start creating also your courses and your group programs.

If someone does your course, you want to make sure that course is not the end of the story. Yes, they’ll gain something from that course. You have to create your course with an end in mind. But that ending mind should also include an upsell as such. It might be into something like your mastermind or into a membership program or a one to one.

But what is the next step for them and what program or offer do I have that supply? So you’ll find that with mine you might come in through coach rescue kit where I’ll help you create your loyal client.

You’ll find there are clients who just love working with you and then don’t really want that journey to stop because they found their coach. You’ll find with a lot of people do group programs which can be quite fast-moving and need everyone to move at the same pace.

Some people do that very well and some not so much.

Shift them into the next level.

Obviously they’ll pay for that next level to keep them going with you. Every year I add new products. I want to make sure that product is not an end in itself. When I create something, I want to have a look at my doodle, see my drawing here and see where that product’s going to fit.

Sit down for a day when you’ve got time and put out your products and services and see how one can lead to the other to create that longer term client journey so you can have a great greater client retention rate and keep people coming back to you.


A quick checking as well is really important to make people feel special.

That’s what you wanted to do, making your clients feel special, and when they feel special, they’ll keep coming back because everyone wants to feel special. Everyone wants to be admired. Everyone wants to feel that someone has got their back. And if you can show your clients that you have your back, that you have their back. They want more of that. And when they feel that someone has their back, their results will be better too which is a great thing.

Your results will be a lot better because you are constantly in there showing them that you have their back, that you want their success with what you go through.

If you are struggling with the idea of how to create a loyal client journey. I would suggest that you book for my coach rescue kit, which is one hour with me. I will look at any specific problem that needs help with or guidance with your coaching business.