Here’s what I did to get my first 7 paying clients.

1. I identified a need within a market.

For me it was writers who didnt know how to build their audience so they could sell more books because all they wanted to do was write.

But they knew they needed to build an audience or else their books wouldnt sell.

So need and market.

2. I reached out and told them I could help them.

In this case I was very specific.

You have a problem. You are good at writing but you suck at building an audience. Yet if you dont have an audience you wont get published and sell books. You need me to show you how to get that platform happening.

I reached out via email to a list of around 250 writers.

3. Via offering my solution I signed 7 paying clients from that list.

Process is simple:

Identify the market and the need they have.

Get in front of them and offer the solution.

Convert those who respond.



Though this is the simple process, I understand that some of it might be difficult for you right now.

You may have questions like
“How do I find out what my market need?”
“I don’t even have a market so what do I do?”
“How do I get in front of my target market to even offer them my solution?”
“What can I offer them???”

So if my simple structure has prompted these questions for you and you are thinking I still can’t get clients because I don’t now who my market is, how to get in front of them, or what to offer them …

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