I saw a post in a group from a beautiful coach asking for advice on what she could call her FREE Discovery Calls and noting she was feeling ”icky” about them. Now anyone who works with me knows that I put my foot down at any sort of FREE “come waste my time by testing me out for free, I give you all I’ve got, and then you walk away to think about it” type of proposition.

Just as I wrote to this beautiful coach in the comments, I’m going to put out here too. What we need to concentrate on with our marketing and messaging is CLIENT ATTRACTION, not Client Chasing and Convincing.

It’s time to ask yourself – Are you putting it out there that you are chasing for clients? Or are they chasing you?

You want to be in the position where people are chasing to work with you. They KNOW they want to work with you because they already KNOW you can help them and that you’re the coach/expert for them.

FREE Discovery Calls doesn’t do that. It’s placing you in the position of practically ‘begging’ for calls. There’s a misalign there to your value, power, and how you want to help others. This is probably why you are feeling at odds with it. As most others commented, giving free sessions of any sort rarely convert in the manner you hope them to.

Strengthen your message so that others KNOW that you are their ANSWER. Then you won’t have to deal with those icky discovery calls.

Of course you’ll still have to have a chat with them and VET THEM to see if they are your ideal client, but they’re already SOLD on you. You don’t have to try and CONVINCE them. That’s already been done with your strong messaging and presence with your marketing, online work, relationship building and so on.

It’s your chance to learn what to say, and what to do when you get that first enquiry about your services. You can turn your prospects into paying clients without having to give yourself away for free.

Bombs away Coaches galore!! What’s your take on free discovery calls?