If you have a Facebook Group, here’s a tip on filtering the right type of people that you WANT into your group.

Ask entry questions. You can set them up in your settings.

The way those requesting to join your group RESPOND to those questions will tell you a lot about them and often how they’ll behave in the group.

You will find people will respond in any of these three common ways:

1. They seem excited and happy to join the group and they respond thoughtfully to your questions. They also often express some form of gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of the community.

2. They respond with short one word answers, and only answer which ones they wish to. The questions are a barrier they don’t really want to be bothered with, but they know they need to answer something to get in. They are either annoyed at having to answer the questions, or don’t feel it’s relevant to them. (That’s a big hint there to start with.)

3. They don’t answer at all. This can often happen because they didn’t see the questions, or on the other hand, they just don’t want to. (I have a client who hates answering any group entry questions and she’s actually an asset to any group).

Not answering the questions is not an instant no entry to this group as I’m willing to think that if their profile looks good, I’d still welcome them to the community and give them the opportunity to show who they are.

These in my experience with this group and having looked at well over between 50,0000 to 100,000 requests to join are the most common ways of responding.

Your experience with you own group and your questions, will tell you over time if you monitor, how types respond to your questions. You’ll discover a common theme in responses to those who turn out to be your best and most valuable group members, and those that don’t.