I’ll begin by saying the best social media platform is where your market hang out.

Here’s my brief run down of each platform and it’s use for coaches.


Facebook is a great one for coaches as most markets are on Facebook. You can access your market through paid ads and in groups.

Just about everyone is on there, except the kids who favour Snapchat and TikTok. (Hint: 12 – 15 year olds)

» Easy to target your market through ads.
» Facebook groups will put you in amongst your target market. You have to know how to use groups well though. MOST do not, but that’s a whole other discussion.
» Visibility is fairly easy to establish if you are CONSISTENT here.

Facebook pages are no longer working well without paying for ads, so organic growth doesn’t really happen there. But you still need it to run ads and give you some credibility.

I remember the days it was easy to build up a biz page to a big number of followers as Facebook actually helped you out. Not any more.

I switched to using my personal Facebook profile. You can too, but do not use as a straight biz page. Have a mix of personal posts mixed with your biz news.

Thing to remember about Facebook – it’s SOCIAL. So if you’re only using it to promote all the time without interacting, you won’t get anywhere organically.

Use Facebook as a relationship builder, and to put yourself in front of your target market through paid advertising. Both will serve you well in attracting clients.

Groups are not for spamming. Simply no. They are for relationship building and demonstrating your worth and knowledge.


I found LinkedIn to be excruciatingly boring. My own personal perception of the stuffiness on there and I didn’t feel it suited my style.

LinkedIn Coach Petra Fisher has almost convinced me it doesn’t have to be.

Started out as a platform to find corporate jobs, it’s evolved into a place to create connections.  I don’t think it’s as versatile in markets as Facebook, but it’s still excellent if your market is on there.

It relies on connections so private messaging is strong on here. You’ll either love it or abhor it. It’s also strong on sharing your expertise through articles. Again ho hum, to me, but if your target market is one who laps it up, then get on there Now.

Coaches who enjoy it, are doing exceptionally well here.


This is one I feel you’ve got to work at but it does have the ability to gain followers very quickly – much quicker than Facebook or LinkedIn.

The use of hashtags is what works here, but above all  it’s interesting eye catching content.   Instagram stories seems to be where it’s at at the moment.

I find the coaching content on here for the most part boring, and don’t really use it. But I love the horse scene on here, the kangaroo/wildlife scene.

Instagram is really personal so I find the “businessy” stuff doesn’t go that well on here,  It is a place where popularity matters as it’s all about being an influencer.

In the early days, you bought followers to look as if you had that status. People wised up to the bought followers now, and you really want to develop true influence on here through amazing content, stories, being very visual more so than on Linked In and Facebook.

It was on Instagram(along with Youtube) that beauty tutorials first started to become popular. Now, you have every 12 year old doing them.

It is great for wellness, food, spiritual, personal trainers, and fun niches. As I said, there are some horse accounts that I follow that have big followings and all they do for example, is show jumping, or dressage.


The original video platform. Aside from lots of funny cat and dog videos, and people getting hurt doing silly things, it’ s awesome for displaying your awesomeness through tutorials, and how to’s.

My partner Darryl watches lots of car stuff on here. If you get a LOT of subscribers you make good money through advertising.

He even watches a particular puzzle show, the guy just does a new puzzle every video. Sooooo boring but he loves it and so do others who are the show’s subscribers.

So if you’ve got a subject you can teach by showing, it’s a good platform, or if you have a niche that you can make videos on, i.e the car ones my man likes to watch for example.

Youtube is also good for the spiritual niche as you can demonstrate your card readings for example, or lead a mediation on there. I’ve got a crafter and we are setting up the YouTube so she can do her craft tutorials on there.

If you’re a straight life coach, nah not so much use with this one.


I haven’t heard of too many coaches bothering with this. Twitter is the domain of talking about what’s  popular at the moment.

Celebs still use it a lot. It’s good for public opinions in bite size pieces.


Pinterest is for women who like pretty pictures. A few coaches are utilising it very well. Learn it to work it.


Leave it for the kids.

At the end of it, whatever platform you choose, to make it work, you need to SHOW UP CONSISTENTLY and ENGAGE on social media.