Whether you have a coach, author or any other type of heart centered business, your business will go through a series of transitions. 

There are 3 basic stages you will pass through:

Start Up Phase

For example, if you’re in the start-up phase then you’re transitioning into marketing yourself, creating basic packages, figuring out your niche and marketing message and how to handle back-end business basics like bookkeeping, taking payments and building your list. You’ll most likely also be desperately searching for clients and attempting to get known.

The simple Profile Building Steps you can take in the Start Up Phase are:

  • Start your social media presence via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram (whatever ones you enjoy and where your market hang out)
  • Speak locally.  Look at local community groups such as Rotary and offer to speak at their weekly meetings.
  • Network. Do lots both in person, and online to get yourself known.

Creating Growth Phase

If you’re in the creating growth phase of your business then some of things you’ll be doing will include increasing your fees, offering higher-end packages, hiring part-time support and up-leveling the look and feel of your brand. You’ll also be looking at ways to get your voice and message out there and Heard so you begin ATTRACTING clients rather than chasing them. This is the phase where you will most likely be if you work with me on building your profile.

Profile Building in the Creating Growth Phase can be:

  • Holding webinars to build your list and upsell people to your services
  • Holding workshops and seminars in your area of expertise
  • Using Source Bottle to be quoted in the media
  • Using the media to gain free publicity to create credibility and build your name
  • Creating Joint Ventures with others to increase your influence and presence
  • Write a book

Expert Status Being Obtained

From there you’ll transition into leveraged income streams like group programs, bigger teleseminar courses, taking yourself of doing mostly one on one and you’ll be looking at a premium for access to you, hiring a full-time team and creating greater products. You’ll also have developed yourself as an Expert in your field and being attracting clients easily, and being featured and wanted as a guest in the media, and in demand by others for their JV’s and their interview series, podcasts, and so on.

You’ll be:

  • Getting paid speaking invites at large events
  • Invited to JV with other influencers and therefore continually building your list which by now will be over 10,000
  • Being featured in the media for commentary and they’ll come to you
  • Hosting large seminars and events
  • Having lots of fun because if you’ve build your business right, you’ll be having more fun and less work than the previous two phases.

Most of you in this group will be in the first and second phases. And that is such a wonderful place to be. It’s those that learn, get good advice and help, and who stick at it that get to the third phase. The one we all want.

So what phase are you in? Let me know in the comments. It’s important to know where you are at so you know what you need to be doing and setting up in that phase of your business. And know where ever you are, it is perfectly right for you right now to be.