Want to expand your reach? Think of how you can reach a wider audience, and one of the easiest ways is through online radio shows and podcasts.

There are two ways to increase your profile and influence via radio shows and podcasts.

First is that you are a guest on other people’s podcasts, online radio shows, even video interviews.

Second is you have your own!

I suggest to get practicing by being a guest on other people’s, and then moving into your own podcast or radio show if you wish to.

Being a guest is the perfect way to get wider reach for your message and your work. When you are a guest, you are exposed to the audience of your host, and often, also some of the audience of previous guests.

There are many podcasts and online radio shows, all looking for guests to entertain the audience that they the hosts, have themselves built or are building. No matter your area of expertise, or your experience, or whether you’re a new or established coach, NOW is the perfect time to appear on others podcasts and radio shows!!!

You need to find shows and podcasts that talk in that areas that is your expertise and key messaging.

You need to find shows that have an audience to whom you can give value to.

I hope you can see the potential in this. By expanding your reach, you will be picking up leads, clients and sales. There will always be that listener that is touched by your story, blown away by your knowledge, hypnotised with your key message, that will then begin to follow you, check out your website, your social media, opt in for your giveaway, purchase your latest product, sign up for your program, be so drawn to you that they become a personal client.

This is the power of having greater reach. The above happens more frequently.

Start listening to podcasts and radio shows to get a feel for the ones that you could appear on.

Then contact the show host, and pitch your guest spot idea to them. It really can be that easy. If they like your idea, you will soon find yourself booked as a guest.

NOTE – being a guest is unlikely to bring you instant fame and success. Most shows and podcasts have a small listener base. Only the BIG names have a decent % of the listening market.  Enjoy the experience, the relationship building, and the practice of being able to talk about who you are and your key message.

Here’s a few of my latest guest appearances. Check out: 

Living Weal Radio Show with Keisha Clarke http://a2zen.fm/media/extroverting-your-introvert-guest-vanessa-talbot/

Podcast – #1Coach Biz Podcast  with Erno Hanninkhttp://numberonecoachbiz.com/stepping-into-the-spotlight-in-a-magical-way-vanessa-talbot/

I also do my own video interview series where I interview top coaches to obtain their valuable tips of their own journey to success. It’s perfect information for both new and even established coaches. Have a listen to what these top coaches can teach you about building your own successful coaching business  – Big Vision Coaches Interview Series http://extraordinarybeings.com/big-vision-coaches-interview-2/

How about take on your own challenge now that you’ve read this:

Get a guest spot on a online radio show or podcast.

Make sure to leave me a comment below of your guest spot experiences, or guest spot goals.

I hope you’re inspired to use your voice!