There are a couple of things I see coaches doing over and over again that have no real benefit to their business at all. In fact, these particular actions are likely to be detrimental to the growth of your coaching business. They wont make you extra money. They won’t make you look professional. And they won’t attract any paying clients.

Why do coaches do them then?

Because they’ve been told to!

The coaching world is flooded with bad advice for new and established coaches.

Here are two of the most common BAD advice for coaches …

LOUSY ADVICE #1: IN the beginning Coach lots of people for free. You’ll build your experience and gain confidence.

Here’s why that’s terrible advice:

Clients that don’t pay for their sessions usually don’t value the coaching their receiving. (‘Hey it’s FREE. I’ll go along with it!’ It’s a bit like the free meal at the cheap wedding. It may not taste that good but it’s costing nothing so you’ll eat it anyway.)

And because they don’t value it, they’re not that serious about acting on what they’ve learnt during their coaching.
Clients that don’t do anything anything usually don’t get results.

Which makes you the coach frustrated. And feeling bad that you can’t seem to help your client.
Which leads to LOWER confidence for YOU the coach.

LOUSY ADVICE #2: Offering complementary sessions labelled as “discovery” sessions and the like as a way to get clients to hire you.

Here’s why that’s also a terrible idea:

The coach is usually so eager to WOW the client in that 40 minute discovery session and create a BIG impact that they completely solve the potential client’s most pressing problem upfront. Awesome!! And then, pleased as mustard the coach goes into the sales pitch and offers a coaching package so the client can get WOWED even more.

The coach has just solved the biggest problem for Free.

What does the client need you now for??????

That’s right. Nothing.
If you must feel the need to offer a ‘try before you buy’ session, then impress with your magic skills. Yet never solve the problem! Remember, the idea is to leave them with their problem so that they will buy from you.

Personally, I prefer to see you steer away from offering those ‘try before you buy’ session altogether.

These are the 2 of the most common pieces of awful advice that are out there. And there’s so much more.
There’s bad advice on what your website should look like.
Bad advice on what to do at networking events.
Bad advice on what coaching services you should offer.
Bad advice for how to price your coaching.
Bad advice on where to find clients.
And terribly bad advice for when you should quit your job and go full time coaching.

I’ve heard them all, and I’ve challenged them all. And I discovered over the years that there’s so much misinformation out there, no wonder the majority of coaches struggle to get clients and have a successful coaching business.

When I saw a few days ago a young woman I’ve known in the coaching industry for around 16 months, devalue herself by choosing to offer a ‘ 40 minute introductory coaching session” as her website opt in I said “Enough!” I want you to stop for a moment. If you get 100 opt-ins a week, how many Free sessions are you giving? Will you have time to coach any paying clients because your entire week will be filled with honouring the free introductory sessions? Will you make any money from that strategy?

If I told you that you could discover and master the art to converting a potential client into a paying client without ever having to give your valuable coaching time away for free would that interest you?

And what if I told you that it uses your most basic coach skill. It’s so simple that you’ll kick yourself for ever buying into the ‘free introductory session’ farce in the first place.

Because I am so irked by this BAD ADVICE given to new coaches, I’m going to give you the link where you can download a private audio that is given to my paying Step into the Spotlight clients. Coaches that are paying me good money to learn how to build their profiles to attract more clients.

I’ve been sitting on this gem for over 12 months and ONLY give it to my paying coach clients. Its the exact method I use to convert 90% of enquiries I receive into paying clients.

Here’s the link for How to Turn Prospects into Paying Clients.

It’s a chance to learn what to say, and what to do when you get that first enquiry about your services. You can turn your prospects into paying clients without having to give yourself away for free.