Are you relatable to your target market? 

Give that question your attention this new week of building your coaching biz and attracting clients.
I’m not going to do the whole “I’m rich and glam all the time, with fancy cars, expensive hand bags and killer stilletos” because it’s not relatable to the type of clients I like to work with.
My market are the type of coaches who are building their good lives, and that for them is more time with family and living each day passionately on their terms. They love the simple life of nature, and beautiful places, travel and adventure. Fun times, self care, and family come first.
But don’t think they’re not interested in money. Oh noooooo ….. they love money because of all the good they can do with it.
They love the freedom it gives them and though they are highly unlikely to spend it on something as flashy as 10 Maseratis, they’ll use it to build a philanthropic institution and leave a legacy of true good for the world.
Sooooooo with that in mind, what my ideal clients are ultimately aiming for with their coaching businesses, I’m going to show you my life with my family, my wildlife caring legacy I’m building, my love of my simple life of freedom with nature, horses, my animals. 
I’m going to show how  my life is bigger than what car I drive, my self managed superfund, my investments because I’ve made my money earlier on ……that my heart is my biggest asset of all as my life is so full and rich.
A big heart, a rich full life of freedom, transforming the world for better one little step at a time, is what my target market want through building their coaching and change making businesses. 
They’ll go ‘yeah whatever’ at the jet set lifestyle because they’ll see it as an extravagant waste of money that could go to much greater good.
So I’m not even going to try to show some fake representation of what I think people see as success – I’m going to show MY SUCCESS.
Now to many, MY SUCCESS isn’t success to them at all. I haven’t got the mansion, I’m not continually talking money or showing off my purchases.
In fact to many, my life is BOOOOORING. They want to see the money which screams “I am a successful coach!”. (What they don’t know is I splashed down $25,000 in cash to purchase my new horse. Always hire my own beach houses, or villas whenever I travel rather than stay in a hotel, spend my money on experiences rather than possessions, and I am NEVER short of money or income.)
For those who want to see what they think is tangible evidence of success – the flash red sports car in my garage (they’ll find a BMW X5 instead which is class and elegance to me 😉 ) then they simply are not my ideal clients when they BOX SUCCESS.
And that’s OK. There are plenty of sportscar owning coaches and rich dudes on beaches they can buy their stuff from.
Me – I’m showing what is relatable about me to my ideal audience.  
And you should be too.
Know who you fit with most.
Know how they see their future.
And show how you fit that dream.
Be relatable and show you’re just like them, only a few steps (or a lot of steps) ahead.
So are you feeling relatable to your ideal people? Did I spur you on to looking at more ways of being relatable to your target market? 😀