High-value coaches are the ones who are in demand and who have the respect of clients. They have a lineup of people wanting to work with them. And of course, they have respect within the industry.

If you are aiming to be a high-value coach. You don’t have to be massive, everyone’s got their different levels at what they aim for but it is being noted as a coach of high value because of not only the value that you give but your place within the industry as well. These are 7 Traits of High Value Coaches:

They have Tenacity.
They just keep on going no matter what. This doesn’t mean they keep on going down the wrong line. They keep going, but they’re willing to switch their line but they still have that one goal in place, and that is to create their own thriving coaching business.

There is that message that no matter how beaten you up, you still strive to create that coaching business. It doesn’t mean we don’t change tactics. You have to be smart enough to see what’s working and what is and what isn’t, but had the tenacity to stay in the game. There’s a lot of people that have dropped out of the game because it’s been tough just when things were about to turn the corner for them.

I’ve even had some of the people in my Mastermind, Brilliance Realm or my Step in the Spotlight Program, and they don’t immediately take off as to their expectations and they drop out. They say that it’s too hard and they’re not getting clients. It was just around the corner for them, like everyone could see it for them. If this is truly your dream, then have the tenacity to keep going on. You might have to get advice on that along the way so that your path becomes easier, especially with the getting client-side of things. But stay in the game. So what they do to be able to stay in the game is that they get over themselves. I remember that being what my mentor when I first started was the main thing that she said to me was just get over yourself. If you can’t do it yourself, find a good mindset coach to help you out.

They don’t wait for the ducks to line up.
This was given to me by one of my trainers, Joe Paterno. This means that good is good enough. Don’t let this perfectionism get in the way. Perfectionism is a way of slowing you down. It’s procrastination as well. When you are waiting for everything to be perfect. So the coaches who succeed don’t wait to have the perfect website, the perfect business card, the perfect pitch, the perfect everything before they go out and find themselves. Some clients say just getting to action good is good enough.
They know that all responsibility for their success rests with them.
Not the coach they’ve hired. Not their peers, not the book or the podcast that they’ve read and listened to. Not the program that they’ve taken.  They come into this realization that the one that can only create their success is themselves.

Obviously, it is wise for them. And many do take this route, as I did and still do, of getting advice from people who know better and who know more, who are further along in my journey. That’s why we hire coaches or get a team of other people like my Brilliance Realm group of other coaches who are helping one another out under my guidance.

They are the ones who created or are creating a great coaching business.
They have consistent clients flowing through and they are respected by their clients and have a good name within the industry as well. Not all coaches who are actually bringing in a lot of money necessarily are high-value coaches, and they may not necessarily have the esteem of their greater audience. They know their target market, who they are speaking to are all that matters. They don’t care about getting the attention of everyone and needing to be liked by everyone.

And they also know that once you start Stepping Into The Spotlight, absolute guarantees that this happens, the more visible you have and the higher profile and coaching presence you begin to develop, the more you will then get the attraction of people. There will always be someone who is going to have some sort of negative thoughts towards you. The best idea is to just to shield yourself from that negativity, block them and don’t care. Now, that’s not easy because I’ve had some people put negative comments on some of my stuff. Like, for example, someone could come on here and say, you’re talking load of crap. But what matters to me is not that person’s opinion at the end of the day, because they won’t be my target market. What matters to me is my potential clients and how they feel about what I’m saying and the content that I’m delivering. And I’m actually delivering content that I know will serve my ideal clients. And that’s all I care about.

Not comparing to others.
High-value coaches don’t bother to waste their time and energy on comparing themselves to others. They put their blinkers on pretty much and stay in their own lane. Meaning they know what they’re developing. They know what their mission and that’s all they focused on.  When you’re first starting, it is perfectly okay to look at others and how they are building their success as the coach and model some of it. But you must be your own voice. You do it your way.
They have one specific area of BRILLIANCE.
They know what it is and that’s what they focus their message on. It’s their Brilliance Zone. For those of you that are wanting to work in an environment or a select group of others that we meet once a week can help spur each other’s business on. You do have to come in for twelve months. By the way, it’s not just one-month membership. You have to come in and stay with us because that’s how the best happens. It’s about knowing what your particular area of brilliance is.

They understand that gratitude is the rocket fuel for their dreams. So every morning they say for two hours I’ll sit down or work my magic.My magic ritual is gratitude. It’s putting out to the universe what I want so that it’s returned to me. And because of that, I find I am continually bringing in the best of people that are coming to me. It is absolutely amazing. I don’t ever have issues or problems with client retention. I don’t ever have issues or problems with refunds and all that sort of stuff. What they give out is what they get back. They apply that to all their dealings, prospects, clients, to the industry and their peers.

When you work from these Seven Traits off, your success may be slower because you’re not scamming people. It may be slower but it can absolutely guarantee you it will be long-lasting. Think about Louise Hay and how hers took time to evolve. Yet it is long-lasting. People will talk about her. She’s gone. As we know, people still mentioned her and buy her stuff. Wayne Dyer took years. The stories that I’ve learned from him, about how he got started and how long it took and the tenacity and the things that he had to do to get there. But his success is his ongoing. And that’s what matters.

I hope that you have your eyes on those seven traits.

I’ve made a little bonus which is the Ten Commandments of Stepping into the Spotlight. This is for the type of people who want to go out to the world in a high five to create abundance not only for others but for yourself as well.