The worst strategy for pricing your services as a coach is to charge by the hour. It doesn’t market well, and doesn’t enable you the coach to guarantee and produce results for your client. Think about it …. How many clients have you had that feel crazy better and have a new lease of life after only a few sessions. They think they’re right to go, but you KNOW there is still more work to do to ensure lasting results. If you let them off early, you haven’t achieved the best that you know you can for your client.

Packages are THE best way to offer your services. Your services become easily marketable, and your time is leveraged. You’re not having to chase up clients to see if they want more services. Instead they are committed to their growth, transformation, and success by the agreed time to be spent with you according to their chosen package.

Packaging is one of those areas where coaches can struggle. It can be challenging to know what to include in a package, how to price them, what to call them. If you want more help with devising and creating PACKAGES THAT SELL EASILY and that feel right to you, my simple online program Convert! For Coaches will help you with that. Have a look here.

Aside from the magic that goes into actually putting the package together that Convert! For Coaches will help you with, there are a few other core fundamentals to packaging.

Whether you are beginning to create your first packages, or you’re revising your existing ones, Here is a simple checklist to help get your packages to Attract and Sell.

  1. Do your packages scream “overwhlem”?

We are coaches. We want to give maximum value and give our best to our clients. With that comes the very real possibility that we over deliver. We cram sooo much into our packages so we can give everything we’ve got to our clients ……that we create a sense of package overwhelm to potential clients that are often already feeling a great deal of stress and overwhelm with all they thinkthey have to do to get their life, business, body, relationship in order.

If a common response from potential clients after you’ve discussed your packages with them is “I need to do X first and then I’ll be ready to work with you” then you have presented too much for them to take on. (in their minds).

Keep it Simple and provide just the right amount of time with you with only a few extra goodies. Convert!For Coaches will guide you through this.

If you know you are over delivering with your packages, then put yourself into your potential clients shoes and take a look over them with fresh eyes.  You may find you need to trim up to 50% of what you’ve included.

  1. Is Your Package Clearly Delivering what your market want?

Your package must express in an instant what your potential client will get from it. You do that through your title and content. No need to be clever with the titles. Make sure that the titles nail exactly what your client will get, (the benefit) from your individual packages. Vague titles that are fancy but don’t really tell your market anything will not work. Even if they are creative!!

For example, my group program for coaches is titled Step into the Spotlight: Branding, Marketing, Creating and Attracting the Spotlight to You!  It explains exactly the type of things that the program will deliver and the ultimate benefit at the end.

Have a look at your packages and decide if the problem they solve is clearly expressed in the titles and content, that it’s easy for your ideal client to relate to, and that it solves the ONE problem that is top of mind for your market.

  1. Have you got your package price right?

In the old school business world there’s the idea that everyone else is competition and to beat that competition you discount, discount discount so you win out on price. Hmmmmmm……we as whole being coaches know that abundance flows through us and there is enough for all. We don’t compete. We Attract.

If you’re undercharging for your expertise, you may be turning people off from seeing the value of how you can help them. You may be viewed that you’re cheaper because you’re not as good as your counterparts. For as long as commerce arrived in our world, expensive was deemed quality. I am not saying automatically dump a high cost on your packages so you appear higher quality. What is most important is that you know your market and what they are prepared to pay, and make sure you are not undervaluing yourself in that arena.!

  1. Are You focusing on the benefits to your client’s life from your Package?

Too many coaches focus on the features – the components – of their packages. That is secondary to your client. What the client is really focused on is what their life/business/relationship/health will look like because of investing in your package. What changes will take place for them because they’ve enrolled in your services.

Mastering how to talk about your services in a way that focuses on the value and benefits to the potential client is a skill you can learn. Check out Convert!For Coaches where in this simple online program I focus on how you will be getting clients, and what’s in the modules (the components) is secondary to what is actually gained from the small $78 investment – clients and a thriving coaching business from your ability to Attract rather than have to do that dirty, yucky feeling chasing.

Are you going to switch from offering hourly rates to coaching packages? YES!

Here’s why:

Packages are so much easier to market. A great name for each of your packages will instantly attract your ideal market. It’s sooo much harder to do that with trying to market session by session one on ones.

Committing your client to an arranged set number of sessions and time with you, with a few added extras is the BEST for your client as it helps amp up their commitment to their development and the RESULTS they can achieve with you. It’s also best for you the coach as you have that guaranteed package income and you’re not knowing whether after 3 sessions your client is going to come back or not. Also you know what time you have to produce RESULTS with your client.

Your income WILL increase from offering packages. Clients will spend more money with you than if you were charging session by session, hour by hour. Remember, many clients gain instant improvement from one – two sessions and they might mistakenly think that’s all they need.

Plus, you’ll dramatically increase your confidence. Packages present so much more professionally than an hourly rate.

*Note* A package can be a big investment for many of our clients so they may want to try before they commit. Don’t give away free sessions, but DO have an introductory offer where your potential clients can make a small investment in experiencing your style and the way you work before they commit to one of your packages. As an example, I have about 4 different introduction offers that are priced between $97 and $150 where we can spend up to an hour together where I aim to help you significantly with one particular area of your coaching business quickly and efficiently. Then if you want more of it, we’ll talk committing to spending a much longer relationship together via one of my packages.

Packages are lots of fun to create and offer and do bring in more income while freeing up your time. (Remember, you’re not having to do so much follow ups to see if clients want another session with you). So, take a fresh look at your current packages with these tips in mind, or use them to help you create your brand new packages.If you want extra help, Convert! For Coaches will give you that extra guidance and inspiration to creating packages that are focused on your clients wants and needs so that they sell themselves. And Convert! contains so much more for client attraction.