This week I asked my Facebook group for Coaches 15,000 members what was the biggest problem they had with their own Facebook group.

Out of the 33 comments, the resounding biggest problem with groups was ….. Engagement.

With Growth a close second.

When I began my own Facebook group  Coaches, Experts, Change Makers: Step into the Spotlight 2 years ago, I had 500 members within the first week.

Growth was fast.

So fast my team and I had to slow it down!! We became very selective with who we let into the group.

One of the reasons for the fast growth I believe is that it has always been a highly engaged high vibe group.

Facebook favours highly engaged groups by placing them in the suggested groups on the right hand side of your Facebook feed. This is free advertising for you from Facebook, sending you a flow of new members every single day. We have on average 100 requests to join my group daily, though we only let in around 25% of requests. All these new members which in reality, are a growing pool of potential clients for me!

And all you have to do to get it, is have great engagement in your group.

If you’d like to increase the engagement and vibe in your Facebook group, here’s 3 ways to do that …..

1. Ask Questions.

Actively ask questions daily to get people to participate. Even tagging people who you know would give great value or responses to your conversation starters.

They don’t always have to be questions that are relevant to your industry. You most likely will have a variety of skill levels in your group, and some people may feel shy, or not qualified enough yet to respond to such questions. Hence they stay out of the conversations.

To encourage engagement from all, make sure you also ask fun and random questions that have nothing to do with the aim of your group or that a certain level of expertise needs to respond to. Something like “Tell us something unusual about you that we don’t know”, or “Where do you live?” These two simple questions ALWAYS get a tidal wave of responses, bringing up many new faces that have never commented in the group before.

If your group has lots of business content, add some fun content too. Fun content and a bit of silliness gets people engaging.

As you ask more questions remember also to express your views more. You want to build yourself as the leader and authority.  A tip:  A little bit of controversy gets people talking, all eager to share their point of views 😉 Take those stands about what you see in your particular industry and put it out there. ASK for comments, whether your group members respectfully agree or disagree. You want to keep it an open space for discussion where not all have to agree, and therefore can open new thoughts for one another.

2. Theme Days

Theme days help promote conversation if none is happening. We often don’t know what to post or say and a theme for the day gives that prompt when people don’t know what to post or talk about. I know how effective they are because if my group banner is a promotional one and not my theme banner, engagement goes dooooown.

3. Build some Buzz

Basically, you need to get people wanting to come into the group and post and interact. Facebook won’t do that for you by showing it in feeds.

You need to find creative ways to get more engagement and entice people to come into the group, scroll through the posts, and interact.

Create some buzz with some giveaways, a group challenge, those type of things to get more people interacting.

If you’re stuck for ideas, ask your group what they’d like to participate in. Find out what they want.

There you have 3 Magic ways to increase engagement and the vibe within your Facebook group. If you would like to  have a HIGHLY ENGAGED, FAST GROWING, EASY TO MONETIZE FACEBOOK GROUP with my focused intention on your group, and the affinity and insights of other group creators, then join my Facebook Group Magicians Mastermind.