A Facebook Group is an absolute cracker of a way to GET KNOWN and GROW your clients.

If you have an existing Facebook group, you may notice that it tends to go stale if there isn’t a lot of engagement happening.



1. You are not actively creating engagement.
You have to entice your group members to engage. So it’s up to you as an individual group owner to create the engagement within your group and not leave it up to your group members. It is the group owner’s job to create engagement.

Why would you want engagement in your group? Because it gets Facebook on your side. If you’ve got engagement happening in your group, Facebook is going to help you out a lot by placing your group in suggested groups to who they think would be interested in your group – and if you’ve set it up the right way, that will be your target market.  That way Facebook does a lot of the job for you in bringing you new members.

The mass majority of people are finding groups when they do a search for a certain keyword. A good example is when you search using the keywords: Coaches or Coaching.  My Facebook Group Coaches, Change Makers: Step into the Spotlight! will be included in the search result.


Engageable content is usually not long value or promotional posts. Something group owners tend to do a lot off to show their group members they’re the expert and get them to buy. So you have to create the type of posts in your own group that people will stop and engage with. For those who have coaching or business groups, sometimes it can be a little bit heavy and be very focused on teaching and  giving value because you are building authority. You are showing people what you can deliver, but they won’t stop and engage. So make sure you have engageable type questions. Learn the types of engageable questions on my Facebook Group Magicians, which is an eight module program you can work through in your own time while working in your own group.

Inject some fun in your group too because Facebook is social media and it requires an element of fun. Yes, you might have a teaching or learning based group, and you want people to convert into your clients, but because it is Facebook and it is about social media and fun, you want to inject the social.

Look in any group  to see what people tend to engage with. It is mostly something where they can either give a quick opinion without having to necessarily overthink.

A lot of business owners will shy away from the frivolous fun posts but if you want some quick engagement, a little dose of those at times is going to help boost your group. Engagement style questions are easier to respond to over teaching and learning based questions. You need to have a mix going on.

If you really want to master your group, please check Facebook Group Magicians.

2. You have too many of the wrong people

You are looking for the quick growth by adding every person that asked to join that group. You can get a lack of engagement if you are adding too many people into your group who are actually not your ideal target market.

You can have a high numbered group that literally has no engagement because they are not your market. Be very mindful of not putting all the wrong people in your group because wrong people will not engage or they’ll head the group in the different directions of where they want to take it!

3. You’ve already got stuck in the non-engagement producing circle

This is the reason why you should focus on creating the type of questions that people engage with now, because you might be trapped in that circle of  no engagement. You’ll know your trapped in that because even when you put the engagement producing questions, people still aren’t responding because they’re not seeing them. That no engagement circle dropped your Facebook Group’s algorithm. The only way out of it is to persist or bribe some of your friends who are group members to come in and make sure that they are engaging.  So Facebook can see that your group is starting to fire up.

You should only need one to two weeks to fire your group up engagement wise. If it’s taking any longer, you’re not doing the right stuff.

If you are finding it’s not working no matter what you try, then time to bring in the big guns – that’s me and what I teach in  Facebook Group Magicians.

So start to work out what is happening in your group and what you may be missing in terms of the engagement. When you find what’s missing, you have to bring it in because every group owner needs to lead, not rely on group members. When you lead and put out the type of content that you know is engaging, your group members will tend to follow, and then they’ll come in and they’ll start to put out the same as well.

If you’re stuck on that, please make sure to join Facebook Group Magicians. It is a work at your own pace, eight in depth modules on the whole process of creating, growing, getting the engagement happening in your group, and then actually monetizing your group.

I’ve been studying Facebook groups for years now, not just my own group, but also learning from some of the biggest Facebook groups out there that have the best engagement.