Day 4

BR trial for one month – 4 sessions @ $17

If you dream of up-leveling your coaching and change making business, increasing your visibility as an expert, and expanding your horizons to reach a far larger audience, then I’ve got the perfect new Wonderland to help you with that.

So you’re in demand, doing the work that feeds your soul, while getting paid well for it, the exclusive Brilliance Realm is for you.

Not quite a mastermind, not quite a program, you’ll get weekly access calls with other stepping up coaches and change makers, where together you help change and grow each others businesses.

Today’s treat is ONE MONTH TRIAL IN THE BRILLIANCE REALM for only $17.

*** PLEASE NOTE BRilliance Realm calls are held every Monday at

Australian AEDT 10AM.

This is sunday evening for the USA.

Day 3

Eliminating Self Doubt PDF Bundle.

Be the Coach you are meant to be. Feeling not good enough, imposter syndrome, and fear of being seen can all be eliminated with my Eliminate Self Doubt Exercise. *

To keep your Mindset powerful for this light journey as a Coach you’re on, you’ll also have the following handouts:
Advice for New Coaches
Mindset Shifts for Coaches
10 Commandments for Coaches.

Day 2

Business Tarot Reading – $98  Normally $150

No clue what the next best steps are for your business?

Got a decision that you need to make and you want some insights to help you decide?

Not sure who your best target market is?

Struggling with deciding what product to create that will SELL??

Just some of the reasons for having a BUSINESS TAROT READING with me.

I’ve been using my knowledge and intuitive insights to help business owners make the right decisions for over 30 years.

Advent Calendar Treat at only $98 for priceless information.

You can stop second guessing yourself and know EXACTLY what you need to do for your next steps for coaching business growth.

Day 1

Warm up video script for your booking system

Increase your Client Conversion with the Prospective Client Warm Up Video Script.

No more awkward sales calls with a potential coaching client. The Warm Up Video Script will make your sales calls effortless with a higher client sign up rate.

Make sure to head to the Coaches Change Makers Step into the Spotlight group and watch the video on how to use your Prospective Client Warm Up Video Script.