Day 18

Coach Spirit 6 months $1800 compared to $3000

The Mystic Coaching of Coach Spirit exists to help you take control of your destiny, fortune and well being as a coach by harnessing the mystic energy that creates your reality. We’ll be merging ancient knowledge with bites of powerful coaching to give you a laser-focused, creative power that gets results for your coaching business.

Mystic Coaching within your 6 month period is all with the one divine purpose: To create a more effortlessly universally aligned and energy fueled coaching biz. Where the enigma of manifesting becomes your secret power, client attraction becomes easier, and the person you are meant to become appears to take your dreams to reality.

It’s not Woo. This is the work of High Priestesses and it’s yours to immerse on a personal journey of discovery and reconnecting to the ancient world of mysticism, magic, power, purpose and knowing yourself.

It’s decadence, and mysticism combining with an uplifting of glorious universal energy into your personal self creating a vision of you that is unstoppable in your mission, magnetic, captivating and enthralling in your presence.

After Coach Spirit, there’s no going back.

TO COLLECT THIS ADVENT GIFT Claim Coach Spirit for only $1800 here now

Day 17

Client Attraction Mystics – $98 for 2 months

Client Attraction Mystics is the group version of the decadent Coach Spirit.

It’s mysticism combining with an uplifting of glorious universal energy that you learn to control, creating a vision of you that is unstoppable in your mission, magnetic, captivating and enthralling in your presence.

It’s all with the one divine decadent purpose: To create a more effortlessly universally aligned and energy fueled coaching biz. Where the enigma of mysticism becomes your secret power, client attraction becomes easier, and the person you are meant to become appears to take your dreams to reality.

Join this group experience for the first 2 months for only $98.
*Note these live gatherings are held every Friday at 10am AEDT
USA That’s Thursdays EST 6pm

Day 16

6 Weeks to Launch Checklist

Get organised for a successful launch with my 6 Week to Launch Checklist.
Every step of the way laid out for you to follow.

Day 15

A copy of my book Extraordinary You. You pay postage only of $10

A copy of my book Extraordinary You. You pay postage only of $10. ***** NOTE I can only send it at this postage price to addresses in Australia only.

Extraordinary You is full of inspiring stories of women stepping into their own versions of extraordinary. No matter who you are or what your circumstances, you can create an extraordinary life from the ordinary.

World renowned thought leader Dr John Demartini gave the book a big thumbs up 👍👍👍, and I hope you’ll feel inspired by it too.

TO COLLECT: Pay for your postage here, and send me a DM with your postal address.

Day 14

Tribe Building Checklist

Pick up my simple checklist to grow a tribe that wants to buy from YOU.

Day 13

Client Attraction Goddess Rising $98

(Normally $250)

Knowing what Goddess energy moves through you will awaken the right way for YOU to show up and attract your tribe.

There are hundreds of Goddesses from different cultures and discovering which Goddess you embody allows you to tap into the strengths you possess.

When we discover and activate your Goddess energy you'll be able to deeply connect with that Goddess Archetype and call in that energy to call in clients that are a match to you.

It's a wonderful way to enter 2024 with a greater understanding of the underlying mystical power that resides within you.

Day 12

Radiance and Influence discounts  $25% on each package

LUMINOUS, RADIANCE. INFLUENCE. Create your High Profile, Get Known and ATTRACT clients and opportunities. A MASSIVE 25% off my personal high touch high guidance 1:1 personal Radiance & Influence Client Attraction coaching packages.

Can’t believe it? It’s Coach Christmas Advent Calendar so the big treats are here. This Christmas I’m making sure you got the best deals and great picks up ever!!

So if you know it’s your time to step up into the highly respected coach that truly shines and magnetises clients then book to talk your Client Attraction Radiance now and this special advent treat:

My 1:1’s are always limited and there are 6 spaces left for the first 6 months of the new year.

If you want to develop the type of Radiance and Luminosity that turns your coaching biz around, your name to one that’s known and sought after (High Profile), then together we can do that.

Choose a time and let’s dream big together for you, and take advantage of my “I can’t really believe I’m dropping this much off but after the hell of this past year it’s time to spread the joy” Coach Christmas treat. Vanessa T xx

TO COLLECT MY 25% OFF RADIANCE & INFLUENCE PACKAGES Book a time to talk about which option is best for you below.

PS My availability is VERY LIMITED at this time of the year so if you can’t find anything on my calendar soon, then DM me and I’ll arrange some optional times when we can talk.

Day 11

Get Clients Accountability Set

10k months and beyond is reached through planning, not luck.

This is what my Brilliance Realm coaches and private clients use each month to keep track of their client attracting activities so they know they are doing the right actions that will bring them paying clients.

Get Clients Tracking Sheets helps them know where they need to be concentrating to create clients, and gives accountability to follow through.

The 90 Day Goal Setting Sheets puts your vision on paper and into actionable steps to follow so you are an active creator of your dreams. Your Luminous Lucrative Coaching Empire starts here.

Day 10

Facebook Ads Illuminated 4 x Workshop Series $495    Advent Special $195

Ready to RISE your Coaching and Soul Rising work to it’s next evolution?
To reach more people, and attract them to the deliciousness of your work.
To create more financial freedom and activate more clients online.

Facebook ads are part of luminous empire building strategy.
When done right, they create effortless cash flow, a bounty of soul clients, and unleash your divine gifts into the world as you step into the spotlight.

Most don’t ever experience this.
You may be one of those holding yourself back into obscurity by thinking:
* ads are too expensive
* worrying that everyone will see you
* saying ‘they never work for me’

These things can happen by those that ‘dabble’ with facebook ads, yet what if you High Preistess, can become a magician of truly mastering facebook ads? A conjurer of illuminated epic success – for yourself, AND the thousands of clients who are waiting for you to appear to them.  

There’s a PROCESS, a proven path to success with Facebook Ads.
In Facebook Ads Illuminated, you’ll unlock the secrets to glorious campaigns that increase income, and create that ripple you’re sending with grace out into the world.

Creating 10k months isn’t hard. It’s STRATEGY.
You’ll learn the 3 stages to Illumination through Facebook Ads, for sustainable biz growth.

This is your divine invitation to change your financial position, believe in yourself, and stop caring about what others think.

Here's the low down on the high life we’ll be experiencing.

*4 x 1 hour workshops over 5 weeks so you’ll need to pencil out 1 hour a week for the training.

I’ll be guiding you through every step of the way so you can see RESULTS from taking this leap into a higher realm.

Begins January so you’re set up for a LUMINOUS 2024
Take this opportunity to grab it early as an Advent Gift for a massive reduction, only $195

Time to embrace your destiny.

Vanessa T

Day 9


These Coach specific Trainings for getting clients include:

🌟- How to take a Conversion Call and Sign your New Client

🌟-What to Prioritise to Get Clients

🌟- How to Convert Prospects into Paying Clients Discovery Call Script

🌟 – How to Raise Your Discovery Call Show Up Rate

🌟- The Formula for Making an Offer your Ideal Clients Can’t Refuse

🌟- The Disciplines you Must Practice to Attract Clients

🌟 – Follow Up a Potential Client Template (where you won’t look push, desperate or money hungry).

and it includes 🌟BONUS🌟 Prospect to Paying Client Tracking & Accountability Sheet.

🤩The conversion call training will show you what to say and do so that you convert your prospect into a paying client.

🤩What to Prioritise to Get Clients will show you just that! The actions you need to be consistent on so that you can create a full coaching practice.

🤩 And you’ll have the formula for making the type of “jump off the fence” offer that your potential clients can’t refuse.

🤩And the BONUS is what my Brilliance Realm coaches use each month to keep track of their client attracting activities so they know they are doing the right actions that will bring them paying clients.

👉👉👉 Pay today here, provide your email address, and I’ll email you a link where you can collect your bundle.

🌟Bundle includes

1 x training videos

6 x training sheets

Bonus Tracking Sheet.

Day 8

The Radiance & Influence Handbook: The step by step guide to get known and attract clients & 50 Steps to Get Known and Boost Your Profile pdf.


Your Coach Christmas Advent Calendar Treat today is:

Guides to the very steps you need to take to get known and create more clients.

Want some easy to follow instructions on how to start attracting more clients? I call it developing ‘Radiance & Infuence” and will lead you through the steps to establishing ‘presence’ where you stand out, magnetise attention, and attract paying clients.

I've put the steps into these two gorgeous little handbooks. The very beginning to building your abundant, magnetic, high value coaching business.

Day 7

Elemental Animal Oracle Cards. $27.  Normally $40.

(plus $10 shipping for Australia)

I'm so impressed with the Elemental Animal Oracle Deck that my team designer Melissa Love created that I just had to feature them in our Advent Calendar this year. 🐰🦋🐘🐈🦓🐝🦁

M faves are the Lion, Wolf, Horse and Bunny.  But of course it is as they are my favourite animals 💙✨

The images are gorgeous. If you're an animal lover this deck is perfect, whether to read for yourself or for others.

$27 +$10 shipping for Australia. (normally $40 plus shipping)

Day 6

Pick my Brain – 30 mins, 3 questions max $48

Want to borrow me?

Ask me any 3 questions about how to boost your radiance and attract more clients for ONLY $48.

I’ll spend up to 30 minutes with you and you get the benefits of my years of expertise coaching and mentoring coaches for the fraction of what I normally charge to ‘pick my brain’.

It’s a great way to get to know one another and I’ll be honoured to help you with advice and solid ideas that will work for you.

Day 5

Nurture Email sequence pdf & 9 Emails you need for a successful launch PDF

🌟 Nurture Email Sequence to Turn Subscribers into Buyers &
🌟 9 Emails you need for a Successful Launch.

This guide will show you a simple email sequence that will take you from the first opt-in for your freebie lead magnet, to nurturing the subscriber so that they BUY.

Thin if you’re going for LAUNCH, use the Guide 9 Emails you need for a Successful Launch.

While most coaches have NO nurture sequence for their opt-ins, this email sequence will warm up your new subscribers creating subscribers more likely to buy, and then create buyers for your launches.

You’ll be able to customise to suit your lead magnet.

Day 4

BR trial for one month – 4 sessions @ $17

If you dream of up-leveling your coaching and change making business, increasing your visibility as an expert, and expanding your horizons to reach a far larger audience, then I’ve got the perfect new Wonderland to help you with that.

So you’re in demand, doing the work that feeds your soul, while getting paid well for it, the exclusive Brilliance Realm is for you.

Not quite a mastermind, not quite a program, you’ll get weekly access calls with other stepping up coaches and change makers, where together you help change and grow each others businesses.

Today’s treat is ONE MONTH TRIAL IN THE BRILLIANCE REALM for only $17.

*** PLEASE NOTE BRilliance Realm calls are held every Monday at

Australian AEDT 10AM.

This is sunday evening for the USA.

Day 3

Eliminating Self Doubt PDF Bundle.

Be the Coach you are meant to be. Feeling not good enough, imposter syndrome, and fear of being seen can all be eliminated with my Eliminate Self Doubt Exercise. *

To keep your Mindset powerful for this light journey as a Coach you’re on, you’ll also have the following handouts:
Advice for New Coaches
Mindset Shifts for Coaches
10 Commandments for Coaches.

Day 2

Business Tarot Reading – $98  Normally $150

No clue what the next best steps are for your business?

Got a decision that you need to make and you want some insights to help you decide?

Not sure who your best target market is?

Struggling with deciding what product to create that will SELL??

Just some of the reasons for having a BUSINESS TAROT READING with me.

I’ve been using my knowledge and intuitive insights to help business owners make the right decisions for over 30 years.

Advent Calendar Treat at only $98 for priceless information.

You can stop second guessing yourself and know EXACTLY what you need to do for your next steps for coaching business growth.

Day 1

Warm up video script for your booking system

Increase your Client Conversion with the Prospective Client Warm Up Video Script.

No more awkward sales calls with a potential coaching client. The Warm Up Video Script will make your sales calls effortless with a higher client sign up rate.

Make sure to head to the Coaches Change Makers Step into the Spotlight group and watch the video on how to use your Prospective Client Warm Up Video Script.